Feed your dog freshly prepared food, as family members!

Although members of the order Carnivora, dogs are nutritionally omnivorous without the metabolic limitations of cats and other "true" carnivores. However, achieving the proper nutrient balance isn't easy, since their dietary requirements are quite different from people because of their role in nature as scavengers, primarily eating flesh.

Back in 1986, knowing dogs nutrient requirement, we formulated recipes that met their needs as close as possible, using natural foods without animal products. Most of what they required was in the recipes, using locally available ingredients. However, there was still important nutrients lacking, and that is what we put into Vegedog™ supplement to make the meals complete. Most of the nutrition is supplied by you, by fresh whole foods obtained locally.

Unique Vegedog™ supplement is like magic. Just add it to ordinary people food using our recipes as a guide and the vitamin and mineral content of the food is adjusted for dogs. It's just that easy. Adjust the recipes if your dog needs to gain or lose weight.

All Vegedog™ recipes contain food yeast (not to be confused with the kind that is used for baking). Brewers, nutritional (pale yellow color), or our very special high acid VegeYeast can be used in the recipes.

For optimum health add enzymes to each meal. If we fed all raw food the addition of enzymes wouldn't even be necessary, but recipes focus on legumes and grains which are cooked. We recommend Prozyme® Plus enzymes, available from us for convenience.

As a veterinarian being concerned with the animal’s health, it is very encouraging to observe their health improving in many cases after being on the new regimen.

Michael Lemmon, DVM

Vegedog™ Ingredients
Monocalcium phosphate, Calcium carbonate, Dried kelp, Taurine, Zinc oxide, Ferrous sulfate, Dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, Choline chloride, Sodium selenite, Vitamin B12 supplement (methylcobalamin), Vitamin A-acetate
Use the kibble recipe (in the Vegedog™ instructions) to make a delicious kibble and convenient biscuits. Cut kibble pieces larger or smaller according to the size of your dogs. Biscuits are quickly made with a wheeled pizza cutter, unless you want to get fancy and make bone shaped biscuits using a cookie cutter.

New! See how to make Vegedog kibble with this client supplied video:
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