• What if my dogs and cats are currently on a diet of raw meat and vegetables. Isn't it better to feed all raw food?
    We suggest cooked vegetarian food. That is to meet their nutrient requirements published by AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials). Because the bulk of their food is cooked it is important (for best results) to add digestive enzymes. As you probably know, cooking destroys the enzymes (which consider the life force). The enzymes we recommend and stock are Prozyme Plus. It is a vegan tasteless powder added in small amounts right before feeding.

    To meet protein requirements we use legumes. If legumes are sprouted, rather than cooked, the protein content decreases and they are more vegetable like.

    All that being said, it is good to add raw food when you can. My dogs enjoy the smoothies that I make in the blender with mixed fruits and veggies. The cats pretty much keep to the garbanzo recipe, with added cooked squash and sprinkled nutritional yeast. Everything is always sprinkled with the enzyme powder.

    The supplements fill in the gaps for their nutrient needs. As carnivores (and in the case of the dog, a scavenger) they would eat the entire prey (minus the entrails). They also nibble on grass. Adding Vegecat or Vegedog supplies the nutrients that are still missing on the best vegetarian diet we could come up with. Most of the nutrients do come from the food that you would supply from your local food supplier. Back to Frequently Asked Questions