• Is it normal for kittens to show enthusiasm for their new Vegepet™ food?
    A client wrote: is it normal for a kitten to show such enthusiasm for its food? ...have noticed that they're going totally crazy since I've switched to Vegekit™. When I'm about to give them breakfast they rush to their bowls like they have not seen food in weeks! One of them, Emily, has never meoned and now she cries like crazy.

    We wish it was normal for kittens to show such enthusiasm for their new food. Count your lucky stars! You are fortunate in having easy to convert cats who have not developed a "food fixation" on commercial food. Commercial cat and dog foods contain "digest." Digest is a disgusting slurry of animal parts that have fermented in a huge vat and then added to pet foods to enhance palatability.

    We often get letters stating that their animals had never showed such enthusiasm for their food until eating the Vegepet™ diet. However, sometimes we get letters stating just the opposite, but enthusiasm is what we like to hear.
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