• How to make the transition to the new food easy
    A client wrote, I am a vegan and would like my cat, Eliot, to be a vegan, but I am not sure he feels the same. I recently had a test... that indicated that he was getting too much salt and meat in his diet. I was thinking of giving him both kinds (semi-moist and dry) of cat food. Do you have any suggestions on how to introduce a cat to vegetarian food?

    The way to introduce the new diet is to go very slowly, starting with the morning breakfast when hunger is most present (after not eating during the night).

    Mix a very little of the new food thoroughly into the old food (best on the wet foods). Let your cat guide you as to how fast he will adapt to the new diet. Some take to the new diet instantly but others take a much longer period of time. Finicky cats are the most difficult to transition, but they can be unpredictable.

    Cutting back on the salt intake is easily done when you make the food yourself.

    Vegecat supplement contains a large proportion of Norwegian kelp and cats like that fishy odor.

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