Thank you for processing my order quickly for the Vegekit. As a foster parent to abandoned and abused kittens, it was unbelievably distressing to have no means of helping a male and female sibling pair that apparently are food intolerant to just about everything. They have existed for their first 8 weeks on formula, mashed potatoes and small drop of cream cheese. This was the only thing they would not vomit back up; however, everything gave them diarrhea with a bright blood. All tests were done including coccidia and nothing came up, not even worms. I have labored to try to find something they could eat and maintain long enough to gain nourishment from it. Despite everyone's best efforts, the vet included, there was little more I could do.

  Until researching food intolerance on the internet I found your site and what a blessing it is. Their first meal was a near-collision food fight as they both wanted to hoard each other's bowls as well as their own! They ate with such gusto that I couldn't believe it was the same kittens. Of course, with full tummies, they fell asleep immediately and slept for hours. Something that had never happened before as foods were ejected within 30 minutes or so. I held my breath when they woke up and made their way to the litter pans and actually had a fairly solid bowel movement, without blood or mewling. It was a miracle! They have been eating the Vegekit for 2 days now and have slowed down on the amount as I believe they are digesting food for the first time. They have such energy now and also sleep well instead waking every hour or so.

  I just wanted to thank you so much for your products. I am definitely letting everyone know of this wonderful alternative and the deeper meaning of the vegetarian method in food production that you are pioneering. I was not aware that this was a possibility for cats, though I did know dogs could do so. You have saved these little guys from a terrible fate, even worse than their abandonment - a slow death by starvation despite our best efforts.

After 4 days on your diet, they are so active! And they sleep so well, it is amazing. In all fairness, to be sure they are getting enough to eat, I have placed a bowl of the vet recommended rabbit food (even mixed with Vegekit) which they had been eating a bit of, next to straight Vegekit. Need you guess? Yes, they choose the straight Vegekit every time...and eat it all!

I have increased the amount of food they consume to double since I began the Vegekit.

No one can tell me what the actual disorder or physical problem is that causes them to be so intolerant of all these foods. Our older kitties are now nosing around the bowl and I'm thinking that my next order will have to include food for them as well!

As a somewhat vegan (still clinging to eggs), it has been considerably difficult to me personally to have had to buy a duck, pork, rabbit...on down the line to try to save these little guys. You are a true angel and I thank you so much.