Rosabella and her mama Coco were rescued by members of a local humane organization in late March 2002. Rosabella and her 5 litter mates were about 2 weeks old, and had been surviving a harsh Minnesota March. They spent the next 7 weeks in foster care, then Rosa and her mama came to live with me in mid-May, and have been vegan since July 2002.

Rosabella is almost a year old now, and she's quite lanky and sassy. Her coat is amazing - plush, shimmery, and sweet-smelling. She and Coco eat all the same stuff that Grace does, except for papaya and coconut.

Rosabella's favorite toy is a cotton swab. I buy her organic ones, which she tackles and destroys. She runs around with one sticking straight out of her mouth, then drops it into my boot or her water bowl and tries to get it back out again. She also loves playing with Grace - the usual gravity-defying kitten antics.