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Lilly is a rescue cat and has lived with us for a good few months now, and is happy and healthy. She went on to Vegecat pretty much as soon as we got her and took to it very well. It only took her a couple of weeks to get used to it. Her favourite meal is oatmeal and she loves mashed potato too! She is very cheeky and is always asking for more. As soon as she hears a clink of a spoon she comes running.

Lilly is a little blind due to a car accident (the incident happened before we adopted her and was the reason for her being in a rescue centre) but she gets on just as normal.

Her favourite pastime is wandering around the garden with our two dogs Alfie and Suzy. We had wanted a cat for a long time, but didn't feel we could justify the killing of animals for food, so Vegecat was a miracle to us.

Lilly is very much enjoying her life of leisure here and now we couldn't live without her. Thank you for your excellent product.

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