This is Grace, who showed up on the doorstep on Nov 10, 2002, meowing to beat the band. I ran to the door and opened it, she jumped into my arms and gave me a big purring hug.

She has been with us ever since, eating Vegekit with garbanzos or lentils and tofu, Vegeyeast, Nama Shoyu, and Bariani olive oil, with a splash of soy milk and sometimes fresh grated zucchini or avocado on top. She loved this food right away and had no problems with the transition.

Her coat is silvery-shiny and she has tons of jungle energy at about a year old and 5 lbs. Her favorite treats are tempeh, green soybeans, young coconut, papaya, avocado, Soy Dream vegan ice cream, and Tofurkey deli slices.

She still loves to hug - she even hugged the vet tech once right after a shot! She loves everybody!