Carol wrote about her three felines, Socks, Sunshine, and Eclipse who share their home with a very at ease Mr. Bunny.
I had to write to you to tell you about my situation at home and how much I appreciate the publication of your book (Vegetarian Cats & Dogs). I never would have had the courage to try to feed my animals a vegetarian diet without your encouragement.

I have three cats, two dogs and my daughter found a white rabbit outside. The bunny sleeps in a dog bed and goes in the kitty litter and has the run of the basement. All of the animals get along, which is quite a miracle.

I tried many of the different recipes, but the only one that my cats and dogs would eat is the one that I make using the oats and textured vegetable protein. I like being able to mix up a big batch of it ahead of time because it goes fast enough as it is with all of the animals I have.

The last time I had to take my animals to my vet, I showed him your book and told him that I was feeding them a vegetarian diet. He was not too impressed so I am buying an extra copy of your book so I can give it to him to read. I shall convert him yet! I told him not to form an opinion until he reads the entire book.

I started my pets on your diet in November of 1989. I wish I had thought or known of your book sooner.