Coco was rescued almost a year ago with Rosabella and her 5 other kittens. She was either feral or a long term stray, missing a toe, a tooth, and quite a bit of her tail. She and Rosabella have grown very comfortable and fond of me, but they will still dive under the armchair and hide if anyone comes over. Since moving in with me, Coco has become playful and affectionate, and doesn't seem to miss being outside at all.

I am amazed at how far she has come. Her ability to love and trust after all she endured before she was rescued is a constant inspiration to me. She is strong and sleek, and her short tabby coat is thick and very shiny. Like Rosa and Grace, she liked her home made vegan dinners from the very start, and the transition caused no digestive issues. We'll celebrate her 3rd birthday this month along with Rosabella's and Grace's 1st.